Solid Conditioner Bars


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Loving your hair & the planet has never been so easy with our new conditioner bars!  Each bar is at least 3.1 oz

*nourishing for all hair types
*smoothes hair and fights frizz & flyaways
*sulfate & paraben free

Features jojoba, coconut, & argan oils, cocoa butter, keratin protein,
panthenol (pro vitamin B5), & glycerin!

*reduce plastic use
*perfect for travel!
*each bar lasts for over 60 uses

Three amazing scents for healthy, happy hair:

Spearmint & Clary Sage – scented with fresh, earthy spearmint & clary sage essential oils

Morning Mimosa – energizing & sweet citrus with orange, grapefruit, lime, & bergamot essential oils

Lavender Rosemary – relaxing floral lavender essential oil & herbal rosemary essential oil


How do I use solid conditioner?
To Use:
start with wet, clean hair. rub bar on hair, be sure to work into ends. Massage into hair & scalp. Let sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse. For dry hair, after rinsing, lightly wring hair and then rub a small amount of the conditioner into lower half of wet hair as a leave-in conditioner

Long Hair Tip: I find it easiest to condition my long hair by holding the length of my hair in one hand to the side of my head, hold the conditioner bar in the other hand and rub into hair & ends

For the longest use allow the bar to dry between uses. Conditioner bars come with a mesh bag.  You can use the bar while in the bag, then hang up to dry!

click here to watch a Facebook tutorial on how to use!

What type of hair will these work with? 
Most hair types will do well with these conditioner bars including dry, normal, damaged, or colored.  For people with dry or frizzy hair I recommend after conditioning and rinsing as normal, use a little more conditioner just on the lower half of your hair as a leave-in conditioner.

Ingredients: cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate, coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, broccoli seed oil, essential oil blend, polysorbate 80, keratin protein, panthenol, vitamin e, honeyquat, glycerin, distilled water, optiphen, mica color

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We are proud of our ingredients, here is the FULL ingredient list breakdown:

Cetearyl Alcohol– A fatty alcohol derived from coconut oil, it add softness and is hydrating for hair

Behentrimomium Methosulfate-  This ingredient’s scientific name might be hard to pronounce but is not scary.  BTMS is an emulsified wax, an ammonium salt compound that is derived from rapeseed oil combined with Cetearyl Alcohol.  Despite having “sulfate” in its name, it is non-sulfate.  It is great for detangling, softening, and preventing flyaways & frizz.

Coconut Oil – heals damage by hydrating and strengthening brittle strands

Jojoba Oil – moisturizes, promotes healthy growth & thickness

Cocoa Butter – nourishing natural butter that promotes scalp health for dandruff control & healthy new strong growth

Argan Oil – adds shine and fights frizz

Broccoli Seed Oil– an omega 9 fatty acid that is easily absorbed by the hair for soft, shiny hair

Essential Oil Blend – provides scent & hair care benefits from high-quality essential oils that I have blended myself

Polysorbate 80 – used to emulsify ingredients, it is a synthetic surfactant composed of fatty oleic acids. It can help purge DHT hormones from the scalp, for healthy hair regrowth

Keratin Protein – the building block of hair; keratin smooths, strengthens, and increases elasticity

Panthenol – Pantothenic acid, also known as pro-vitamin B-5, a humectant that helps your hair retain moisture and improves the texture of damaged hair

Vitamin E – an antioxidant that promotes scalp health

Honeyquat – an antioxidant derived from pure honey, promotes shine, smoothness, and improves texture

Glycerin – hydrates the hair & scalp for long-lasting moisturizing

Distilled water – helps to blend the ingredients

Optiphen – a paraben and formaldehyde free preservative

Mica – a cosmetic colorant




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Spearmint & Clary Sage, Morning Mimosa, Lavender Rosemary


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