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Natural Wool Dryer Balls

$6 each
or 5 for $25 

IMPORTANT!!! If you purchase the 5 for $25 set BE SURE TO NOTE WHICH TYPES YOU WANT. 
If no note is included I will pick out a fun assortment.

Why use dryer balls?

naturally soften and fluff your laundry – eliminate fabric softener & dryer sheets

better airflow while drying reduces wrinkles & static cling

eco-friendly – reusable for over 1000 loads & fully compostable

reduces drying time by up to 40% to save money & time



to use: simply toss 3-6 balls in your dryer (depending on load size) with your wet clothes and dry as normal.  All types are handmade, so no two will be exactly alike.  All color safe for use in the dryer

Bees, Ladybugs, Sloth, Penguins, Pigs, Cats, Seals, Pride, Flowers, Hearts dryer balls – lovingly handmade for fair wages by women and disabled artisans in Nepal from 100% organic New Zealand sheep wool.  Pride comes in two assorted designs. Hearts come in assorted colors.

Alpaca wool dryer balls – handmade in the USA from 100% organic USA grown alpaca fiber.  Alpaca fiber dryer balls come in a mixed variety of natural colors
















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Bee, Ladybug, Sloth, Pig, Penguin, Black Cat, Orange Cat, Seal, Pride, Heart, Flower, Alpaca Fiber, 5 for $25 Set


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